What’s Your Birth Flower? Birth Month Flowers and Meanings

What’s Your Birth Flower? Birth Month Flowers and Meanings

It’s very infrequent to know the birth flower of a person. Mostly people believes in birthstones and zodiac signs. They actually depends on these signs to glimpse someone’s character and personality.

Flowers have their own distinctive language, and people have always used that language to convey fondness and lead the way of encouragement. So, here’s the collection of all birth months flower and their meanings!

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An Overview of Birth Months and Their Flowers and Meanings

Before we talk about all birth flowers, we made a table down here with all flower names and their related meanings for your quick knowledge.

Birth MonthFlowerMeaning
Love, adoration, hope, and rebirth
Youthful love, loyalty, and modesty
MarchDaffodilAbundance and new beginnings
Sweet pea
Innocence, purity, and bliss
MayLily of the valley
Sweetness, motherhood, and hope
Romance, joyfulness
Water lily
Positivity, purity, and dignity
Strength of character and imagination
Morning glory
Love, affection, unrequited love, and non-permanence
Creativity, passion, peace, and tranquility
NovemberChrysanthemumLoyalty and truthfulness
Hope, joy, wealth, and protection

Now that’s a quick overview, let’s go on to our main list!

1) January: Carnation and Snowdrop

The birth flowers carnation and snowdrops are for those people whose born in January. They represents love and affection, and desire, and rebirth, respectively, perfectly a decent start of the new year.

Carnations comes with multiple colors, and each color has its own meaning. Pink carnations represents affections, red carnations means “I love you”, white carnation stands for pure love, on other hand yellow carnations means rejection and disappointment.

Snowdrops are used to represent bad luck because they grew in graveyards. But now their meaning has changed and they are used to represent sadness but with hope and beauty.

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2) February: Violet and Primrose

Mostly people relate to rose in February because of Valentines’ Days. But the primrose and violet are the real February flowers.

Primrose are faithful everlasting flowers which are derived from Europe. Their gleaming colors represent believe and youth so you can show them at a social event, give them to your parents, or to a shy friend that means a little confidence.

Violet signifies vigilance, loyalty, and devotion.

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3) March: Daffodil

Daffodil Lament is a famous song by The Cranberries. The song is about bravely moving on from a previously close relationship.

These flowers blooms between March and June. With its sunny shade and open star look, daffodils are also a sign of hope, faith, a new start, wealth and good luck. Il is also a sign among friends to keep a secret.

It comes in three colors orange, white and yellow.

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4) April: Daisy and Sweet Pea

One of the most magnificent and common use flowers you can find, is sissies full of positive energy, joy, and love. They also mean clarity and innocence having bright colors and energetic surrounding petals.

There are five types of daisies diverse in shape, size, and color. They grow in hot and cold climates in many countries and prefer well-drained soil and direct sunlight.

Daisy shows loyalty in love, innocence, and purity. Sweet Peas are the goodbye flower.

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5) May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley and hawthorn mostly used as babies’ flowers. Both are rarer type of flowers that make all the more giving them special.

The lily of the valley flowers are mostly in white. It’s steeped in mythology in that it’s believed to have grown from the ground where Eve’s teardrops fell when she was banished from the Garden of Eden.

The hawthorn plant has also been noted for May and means hope and supreme happiness. The lily of the valley represents sweetness, humility and the return of happiness. They are good for showing someone that they outright your life.

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6) June: Rose and Honeysuckle

The rose, a global symbol of love, and the honeysuckle are the birth flowers of June.

It’s assuredly something to be proud of because the rose is the key to a woman’s heart. But not just that, it’s special because every color of rose has a different meaning.

The number of roses has their own meaning. Three roses mean ‘I love you’, 10 roses say ‘you are perfect’, 15 roses say ‘I’m sorry’, and 100 roses represents ‘I am forever yours.’

Honeysuckle is the other flower of June and shows the endless bonds of love. If you are looking for rose perfumed items, look no further than our Rose de Mai collection.

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7) July: Larkspur and Water Lily

If you know someone whose birthday is in July, you can give them larkspur or water lily flower as a gift.

The water lily shows purity and majesty. The larkspur indicates the strong bonds of love. Pink larkspurs convey fickleness, white ones mean happy nature and purple represents first love.

In general, larkspurs mean love and happiness. Some, though, consider the pink ones to be a negative symbol, which is fickleness.

It’s an important symbol for both Buddhist and Hindu religions. You’ll often see Buddha sitting on it, or depicted with a water lily or lotus by him, symbolizing enlightenment, as well as spontaneous growth and purity.

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8) August: Gladiolus and Poppy

The August birth flowers are gladiolus and poppy. These floras mostly represent the strength of character and creativity.

Gladioluses have been known and used since Ancient Rome. Gladiator winners used to be showered with gladiolus by the crowd after a brutal fight.

Like many flowers, the poppy means different things in different colors. The red poppy shows pleasure, the white stands for consolation, and the yellow indications the wishing for wealth and success. Gladiolus indicates that the heart has been impaled with love.

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9) September: Aster and Morning Glory

Morning glories are a simple symbol of affection. Those who rise early may be able to watch their lovely blooms open, as they are generally curled closed late in the day. Asters are a symbol of powerful love.

Asters are like another version of daisies in mauve, lilac, white, red, or pink. They’re also called frost flowers or starworts by others because they can bloom almost the entire year even in the winter months.

These two flowers are powerful symbols of love, unrequited love, and also velour, royalty, wisdom, purity, and innocence.

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10) October: Marigold and Cosmos

Now we see the birth flower of October Marigold and Cosmos. Their bold red and yellow colors make them ideal to give to your special one during the autumn season.

Marigolds are often a sign of warm of fierce undying love or a way of saying that you are content with someone. Cosmos are a symbol of order, peace, and serenity.

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11) November: Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is a powerful symbol of youth in both Chinese and Japanese culture. Even though the chrysanthemum isn’t the national flower of China and Japan, it certainly is one of their favorites.

Chrysanthemums are available in different colors with each having its special meaning. They come in the colors red, purple, yellow, white, and lavender.

Generally, they represent friendship, happiness, and truthfulness. If you want to express your loyalty and devotion to your special someone, chrysanthemums are the flower you should get.

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12) December: Narcissus and Holly

Narcissus and Holly birth flower is last one on the list. This holly flower is a December flower. This plant has forest green leaves and red barriers, completely suites the Christmas season.

As narcissus is a spring flower, it signifies rebirth and a new beginning. Aside from that, with its beauty and optimistic look, it’s also a symbol of hope, wealth, and good luck. The narcissus (specifically the paperwhite) convey that you want your beloved to stay just where they are.

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Here our guide is finished about Birth flowers and their Meanings. Now you’ve read all about these lovely flowers and their meanings and all about their varieties. Now you can easily pick a wonderful twist for gifting your special one on their birthday or for some other reason.

If you’ve any questions, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you shortly. And also hope that you’ve enjoyed the article and learned something new.

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